About EPG

Established in 2003, EPG is a family owned and operated company which is dedicated to preserving the photographic legacy of American photographer Charles C. Ebbets by offering his work to a whole new generation of admirers.

Quality and personal service are our guiding principles and we work hard to help our clients with everything from finding just the right print for a personal gift to designing wall-sized murals for corporate projects.

 Services Offered                                                                    

    We offer archival quality custom prints in a variety of sizes for your      personal or professional needs. We also specialize in providing          images for multiple commercial uses including in books, magazine        articles, web displays, print advertising, product sales and more.



Other Images Available   

Our website is just a sample of the wealth of photos available. We have thousands of unique images for specific advertising, marketing and editorial needs. Please feel free to use the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the site to email us with inquiries about your project and we will be happy to look through our archives and send you thumbnails of images that might work for you.

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